Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flashmob video

For those who don't know, a flashmob is a group of people who meet while dressed like regular people to do something together at a given signal. Some famous examples include hundreds of people dancing to the same song on their MP3 players starting at the exact same moment (and then walking away as if it never happened), or this video here.

The translations for what the people say are:
- For the 1st and 2nd guys, they shout: "There's a tsunami!!" (tsunami da!)
- For the 3rd guy they shout: "That's the guy!!" (koitsu da!)
- Nothing for the 4th guy
- Last scene: "Watch out!! (danger)" (abunai!)


Dan Goldmanberg said...

I wouldn't really call these flashmobs, since they are organized by a TV show. But they're stil hilarious.

Jesse said...

Good stuff all around