Wednesday, January 31, 2007

TOABN 3 original

Alright, people, today I'm only posting the TOABN 3 original, as I am working on the (almost) mammoth undertaking of making the touchup of the first StickFight page. As you can see, even from a cursory look at the original, it will take some time! I hope you enjoy the comic!


TOABN 3 original

Alright, people, today I'm only posting the TOABN 3 original, as I am working on the (almost) mammoth undertaking of making the touchup of the first StickFight page. As you can see, even from a cursory look at the original, it will take some time! I hope you enjoy the comic!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"It's Just Not My Day"

You know how people sometimes say "Today's just not my day" when things all seem to be going poorly? Well, today I was thinking about it, because today was DEFINITELY "not my day". And I came to the conclusion that, according to that expression, we each have ONE day, in our whole lives. That one day is OUR day, where everything goes perfectly. Now, as I thought about it some more, I realized that on your day, it must be terrible. You know that this is your day, your only day, in your whole life. So, at first, your day, being unnaturally incredible, seems to be just perfect. Nothing going wrong, how bad could you feel? But that's when you start to realize, "Hey! This must be my day!" At first, this seems like a wonderful conclusion, but after a bit, you realize that this is in fact your worst day. It's your worst day ever, because you now know that it will never, EVER, be your day again. You realize that the rest of your life is going to be, if not terrible, at least far from euphoric. So, it's a pretty good thing that today wasn't my day. I hope it wasn't your day either!

Please keep in mind (due to some responses to this post from friends) This is not some emo-depressed post! It's HUMOR, people, humor! It would be better if I could show that by speaking it to your face, giving you the tone of voice and the facial expression, but I can't...maybe someday I'll add a video post and do so, though!

TOABN 2, TOABN 1 Touchup

Alright, so I've decided that, at least for the time being, I will attempt to put up one doodle every day or two (if possible), and at the same time try to post a touched-up version of the last. The touched up version is basically me opening the original in a picture editor as a background, and then on a second layer going over the lines with the paintbrush mode. I then delete the background layer and save the file as "TOABN 1 touchup" for example, as opposed to "TOABN 1 original". So, for tonight I have for you TOABN 2 and the TOABN 1 touchup!

TOABN = Tales of a Bored Ninja, pronounced "toe-bin". Heheh...toe-bin...sounds funny

Anyways, here's the touchup!

And now for TOABN 2:
Note: The snowman above the first panel is from a calvin-and-hobbes inspired doodle above it. It will be removed in the touchup. And, in case you never thought about it, caneswords are awesome.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Now, today I'm posting an unusually large number of doodles, since I finally got the scanner. I hope to post an image every day or (when I can't) every other day. PLEASE leave comments!!!

Here's the Tales of a Bored Ninja Logo:

And the first strip:
Now for the StickFight intro page (this will help my earlier "guide" make sense):
And the first page (as I add more, I will connect them together). Keep in mind that the future ones will have better "art" quality, from both practice and just the natural evolution of my "talent":

And now for some random doodles:

Check out the guy in the middle of this one. You can just tell that he's a complete jerk. The feelings that the face gives (basically: dude, that guy's a jerk!) are exactly what I was going for. Also, the weird thing that looks sortof like a horse's face or something from this angle (the two steeply slanted eyes in the middle, below the jerk's head) are from me trying to use the same eye in two doodles! One face is oriented normally, and the other on its side.

Now for a Calvin and Hobbes tribute (with the original Tales of a Bored Ninja in the middle):

And finally, a dinosaur that I made in English class, since dinosaurs are pretty awesome:

Finally got a scanner!

Hey peoples of the world! I finally got a scanner, and tonight, after a crushing load of torture . Anyways, I'm going to try and wrap that all up and post up a few doodles. I'm not going to post them all, since I want to make sure I have enough to post something every day or two. Tonight, for the grand opening, I will be posting up the first strip of Tales of a Bored Ninja, as well as the first page of StickFight! and possibly some other, totally random, doodles as well.

Note: I am well aware that much of this is stick-figure art or rough cartooning! And yes, I have been known to draw some things of better quality. I do, however, have some serious trouble at times drawing realistically at angles (as in, side view or head on isn't nearly as terrible as some of the angled ones I try), so if somebody could give me a few pointers or direct me towards a bit of online info, that would be extremely awesome.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Looney Toons, Uncyclopedia, Scanner Update

Some of the old great looney-toons cartoons are available for watching here! A real blast from the past. Classics like the Bugs Bunny opera, or Duck Dodgers, and more! A definite must-visit site.

Alright, so I've known about this site for a while, but is incredible. It is a spoof of Wikipedia, though Uncyclopedia claims the reverse. One can lose hours and hours just wandering through the wonderfully strange articles on the site.

Also, about the scanner, I drove to Staples to try and buy one, but they had sold out on all the models that are acceptable (high enough dpi scanning, basically), so I'll be somewhat delayed in getting one.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haha, out early from school!

So, I lucked out today! My last-period class was cancelled, so I got to leave school nearly 2 hours before I normally do! Bwahahaha....

And then I realize I have all sorts of projects to do, and I'd better get to it...
And then I realize that I can procrastinate by writing this! NICE!

Also, I'm researching some scanners to find a decent one, but if anybody has a recommendation please tell me. The second I get it up I'll add some of my awesome doodles. I hope to add comic/doodle page each day. We will feature:
Tales of a Bored Ninja -Humorous, gratuitously violent (but in a funny way)

The Great Ongoing Stickwar -So far eight continuous full pages (as in, each page connects with and continues the images of its neighbors) of tiny, 1/4 inch stick figures in teams Triangle and Circle. Look for an update on what each team specializes in tonight!

Random doodles - just strange, interesting doodles that come to mind. These may include loads of cartoony faces, optical illusions, giant monsters, notes-turned-into-a-hopeless-doodled-mess, and more

Standalone Comics -humorous comics with no continuity between the one and the next.

Also, since it is winter, you will probably see more than your share of calvin-and-hobbes-like snowmen :D. Calvin and Hobbes is awesome!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Just a last thought I had as I was on the verge of falling asleep...
A moment is to time as a point is to space. There are infinite of each in even the smallest measurement of time/space, and they are integral to the idea of "here", both temporally and spatially (think "spacetime"). These key, infinitely important ideas cannot in any physical way be used or measured, but they form some of the most important concepts imaginable. Yah, nothing really new there, but it just occurred to me and I didn't want to lose the train of thought :) .

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This poem more or less shows what how I feel about those quiet repetitive sounds at night which sometimes keep me awake. It seems to me as if I am almost excitedly waiting for the next one, even as I wish they would just stop and let me sleep...

A Slow Sound in the Night
By Me (KrazyHades)

You lie there in the dark,
Staring at the ceiling
And it stares back at you
A million miles away

A beep stabs the darkness,
A needle pricking sleep
It fires through the silence,
And shatters drowsy thoughts

It comes again, this sound,
Intruding on your rest
So regular and paced,
Mechanical and fake

The monotone returns,
And you strain ears to hear
Its repititious child
Still hiding in the night

Your life reduced to sound
Beep. . .beep. . .beep
Awaiting eagerly,
You cannot but listen

You cannot sleep nor think
You cannot wake nor doze
Bound into the pattern
Imprisoned in the beeps

State of the Union

If you didn't see it, check out (the official whitehouse website). It has a (no longer) live podcast of Bush's State of the Union address.

Bush talked a lot, but I'm waiting to see him take some action. His ideas about guest workers is interesting, but I believe that he must supply some easier method for citizenship.
Bush also mentioned Darfur, yet even as he talked about the genocide, he tactfully avoided referring for it as such. He also talked about combating HIV and malaria in Africa, which I fully support. I just wish he would take money from the military and give it to education (science/math especially) and NASA. It worked in the past to fuel government-funded technology, ending up with inventions such as, perhaps most importantly, the modern computer.

The President also talked about common heroes, talking about the American character, saying that we can never give up or stand down when faced with a challenge. Which, of course, was all pointed towards saying that we cannot pull out of Iraq. There's a difference between strong character and an unwillingness to face the truth of the matter: we have no reason to be in Iraq right now.

Bush also sneaked (snuck? the auto-correct doesn't like that :P ) in a bit about global warming. He had a plan to cut American oil consumption by 20 % over 10 years, limiting our need for foreign oil and helping to fight global warming. This just-proposed plan has showed up after years of criticism from Americans and foreign His plan came after his first mention of our "addiction to oil", which caused him to give 10 billion over a period of time (I can't remember how many years right now) to help lower the use of oil in cars and homes, the two primary sources of oil use.

In the end, his entire speech was geared towards getting support for his increase of soldiers in Iraq , since Congress is held by the generally Iraq-war-opposed Dems. His common heroes, global warming, disease fighting, and more all were angled towards his desire to increase troops in Iraq.

New Blog! No Snow, State of the Union, Global Warming, and Creationism

So, here I'm starting up a blog, "Tales of a Bored Ninja", and I am getting a scanner soon so that I can post some of my awesome and random drawings. I'll also include some any fantabulous (that's right, fantabulous) websites that I come across, most likely through my unceasing StumbleUpon-ing. Anyways, as of this post, the blog is up and running!

BTW, you have no idea how disappointed I was this morning. I wake up, look out my window to see snow, the FIRST "real" snow of the season, and then realize that 1/2 an inch of powder isn't going to cancel school. And since snow = cold, and I'm not skiing, pelting people with snowballs, or missing school, it's terrible!

I'm going to add something after Bush's State of the Union Address. Apparently, he is going to talk about his plan for the US to combat global warming, which is great, except for one thing. In his last State of the Union Address, he talked about America being "addicted to oil", and how we must fight that addiction...but I didn't notice any action, just talk. All the while, the US Armed Forces, especially the Airforce and Navy, have been burning up millions of gallons of oil to power their vehicles. In addition, I believe that this war was likely over oil. Not to mention that the US government has tried to deny the connection between gasses released by burning fossil fuels and the rise in temperature. Sure, it's only a theory, but there is a great deal of supporting evidence, just like for the theory for evolution.

Of course, Kansas had no problem throwing that out the window, since it considers creationism to be a science. One thing that bothers me about creationists is that they insist that until "God" is proven to be nonexistent, it is logically possible that he could exist. This is WRONG! The burden of proof is upon you, believers. Until scientific evidence is presented that supports the idea of "God", we must logically assume that "God" does not exist. In logic, everything is untrue until proven to be true. There is no idea as "maybe it's true, since it hasn't been disproven".