Monday, May 7, 2007

More random stuff!

Alright, people, I've finally gotten around to posting a few more of my doodles...I haven't had much time because if AP and SAT: Subject Test studying, which kinda sucks.

This one I did after finishing my English HW, as you can probably guess from the Huck Finn notes in the middle. I'm not really sure WHAT that thing in the middle of the bottom is. I think it started as a robotic-ish helmet, but then became mummy-ish. Whatever. The guy in the bowler hat in the middle reminds me of the monopoly guy, even though they don't look the same at all.

This guy down here is from the back page of a long history assignment. I started in the top left with a bit of hte stick-battle, but then I decided to draw some simple perspective. It was pretty neat. The perspective is all heading towards that point in the middle, which I made extra big so it's easy to see.
Last, but far from least, is a page-filling doodle done in pen, which I think is the first pen doodle I've posted. I did this one during spanish, on a worksheet we didn't have assigned (it was next to the homework assignment), for those who can't recognize the language.


Mike said...

how do you upload such high quality images to blogger? It only lets me upload relatively small images.

KrazyHades said...

I don't know. I just scan the image into my computer, and then while writing the post hit upload image, and it accepts it. I'm not sure why it might not accept large pictures from you.